rolling hills of Dorset

Spent some time with family in Dorset and managed to get out on the bike.  There does not seem to be much in the line of single track, but you do end up riding in some lovely countryside, plus the weather was fantastic, very windy on Saturday, but much milder on Sunday

The rapeseed fields are stunning against the blue sky, just wish my compact camera could take better shots.

mile upon mile of stone walls

love the way the wind blows through the fields

very windy

Sunlight filtering through the trees.


You come across some strange signs in England

bridge sign

little bit hazy

view from the top

On Sunday I was riding with Chris, he had put together a loop for us to ride around which included a little “surprise” – Batcombe Hill.  Wow, talk about a lung-buster, it is quite cruel, it gets steep, then levels off a bit and then gets really steep and your legs are jelly when you get to the top.

tough climb at the end

Right near the end, just before getting back to the carpark we spotted a deer running through the field on the left of us, I got the camera out while still cycling and was snapping away in front of us and managed to capture him just as he crossed the road


Seeing that deer cross the road, it made me think of a youtube clip that I saw a while ago where a cyclist got hit by a buck – man that’s gotta hurt.


how many bikes do you need

Mike and I have discussed this a few times in the past.

I had kind of thought two would be enough, mountain bike for weekend fun and then a commuter that I ride all year round to the station and back.

But I have been thinking about getting a road bike for a while now, to add a bit of variety to the weekend fun.  Mike is convinced that there is a formula for it and it is “n+1”, you will always need one more bike than you own, sounds good to me…

… that is until last week when I was walking over Blackfriars bridge in London, a guy had stopped on a “Surly Pugsley”, it is one of the most amazing bikes I had ever seen, I did not have a clue what it was called, but it was a good looking machine.  Then a couple of days later I found a post by All Seasons Cyclist who owns one, and I have to admit they are just amazing

and my formula currently stands at “n+2” 😉

day four

only had half a day’s riding today.

So much so for planning some rides outside of the managed trails or “free riding” as I tend to call it, these trails are just too much fun.  Doing “The Wall” in the dry and with the sun shining is soooo much better than in the rain.

Especially loved “elevator” which was a section of single track that climbs back to the top, great through the trees etc.


last panorama for now – I promise

should see you through a couple of winters…

serious logpile

Nick wants this shipped home.

Weather looked much better than when we arrived.

much nicer weather leaving Wales

day three – part two

Some more pictures, another panoramic shot

another panorama

Kermit getting “pimped” after James had found a discarded mud guard

Brendon building some “North Shore”.  We helped this Welsh chap cut these trees that had blown onto the tracks.  Amazingly he cycles with a saw in his bag

North Shore

just another scenic shot, the camera on the phone is much better when it is brighter


not much to say about this one


cycling can be dangerous!!!


great name for a single track!


this is a picture of “Bucking Bronco Brendon’s” rear shock, it blew on the last run of the day and is pretty much just a pogo stick at the moment.



day three

Another big breakfast, and the weather just keeps getting better 😉 I could get used to this!

Decided to do W2 today which is a combination of “Whytes Level” and “The Wall”.  While waiting for David to join us on the trail, I played around with some camera effects on my wife’s phone.  This one below is my favourite.

retro riders

some embossing

nick embossed

a panoramic view


some burnt sepia effects


this is what happens to your vision after one too many downhill stretches of single track


and this is what happens when you’ve eaten too many sausages at breakfast time 😉

too many sausages

and another one


day two – part two

just some more pics

Mike’s new Canyon Nerve XC mountain bike, seemed to cope with all the abuse hurled at it this past weekend

mikes new pony

Lucas putting air into his tyres, hard when three people keep making him laugh. Tube had a fairly large snakebite puncture.
fixing snakebites

The weather just kept getting better.