is carbon all it’s cracked up to be

while cleaning the bikes for the last time before heading home, Nick noticed some cracks on his seat stays.  Bummer, here’s hoping Focus will sort it out without too much of a headache.



day four

only had half a day’s riding today.

So much so for planning some rides outside of the managed trails or “free riding” as I tend to call it, these trails are just too much fun.  Doing “The Wall” in the dry and with the sun shining is soooo much better than in the rain.

Especially loved “elevator” which was a section of single track that climbs back to the top, great through the trees etc.


last panorama for now – I promise

should see you through a couple of winters…

serious logpile

Nick wants this shipped home.

Weather looked much better than when we arrived.

much nicer weather leaving Wales

day three – part two

Some more pictures, another panoramic shot

another panorama

Kermit getting “pimped” after James had found a discarded mud guard

Brendon building some “North Shore”.  We helped this Welsh chap cut these trees that had blown onto the tracks.  Amazingly he cycles with a saw in his bag

North Shore

just another scenic shot, the camera on the phone is much better when it is brighter


not much to say about this one


cycling can be dangerous!!!


great name for a single track!


this is a picture of “Bucking Bronco Brendon’s” rear shock, it blew on the last run of the day and is pretty much just a pogo stick at the moment.



day three

Another big breakfast, and the weather just keeps getting better 😉 I could get used to this!

Decided to do W2 today which is a combination of “Whytes Level” and “The Wall”.  While waiting for David to join us on the trail, I played around with some camera effects on my wife’s phone.  This one below is my favourite.

retro riders

some embossing

nick embossed

a panoramic view


some burnt sepia effects


this is what happens to your vision after one too many downhill stretches of single track


and this is what happens when you’ve eaten too many sausages at breakfast time 😉

too many sausages

and another one


day two – part two

just some more pics

Mike’s new Canyon Nerve XC mountain bike, seemed to cope with all the abuse hurled at it this past weekend

mikes new pony

Lucas putting air into his tyres, hard when three people keep making him laugh. Tube had a fairly large snakebite puncture.
fixing snakebites

The weather just kept getting better.

day two

Big breakfast. Waiting for Brendon and the rest to arrive.

Only a drizzle this morning which should clear up. Going to do Skyline today – 44km and roughly 2000 m of ascent – looking forward to it.

James sitting on Kermit under natures umbrella while we work out how to get to Skyline

trying to stay dry

Things are beginning to look brighter

brightening up

Um… This way… No… That way…


Quite barren in places, due to some disease that’s killing off the trees, huge areas are being cut down, a real shame


Home made energy bar pit stop, made by my lovely wife, she foud some great recipes on NoMeatAthlete. Not sure if Nick was enjoying the bean ones 🙂

energy bars R great


After arriving and dumping bags, it’s time to get out and do what we came for.

Nick, Mike and I get the bikes off Nick’s Landie and set off and do ‘the wall’

It rained, and rained some more, from the left, then the right, then the bottom and at points I couldn’t see jack…

My Garmin is misbehaving, speed keeps dropping down to zero and back up and the altitude is stuck on 25m, I know I’ve climbed more than this, I feel disconnected from my bike and cannot seem to flow through the tracks. And have I mentioned that it’s raining

If the weather stays like this I think I’ll stay and learn to do wheelies in the car park.

Before we know it we’re back at the start – it was fun, do we do it again? Big debate……. I need food …. More debate…. I still need food

We can it and put the bikes away – a quick check and we all need to change brake pads, Nick’s were well into the metal, I suppose that’s what you get for riding in wet sandstone conditions