little helper

After the last ride on my mountain bike, there seemed to be more noise than usual coming the equilink suspension.  Having a quick look at it when I got home I felt that a rebuild is in order.  I haven’t touched it in four years so it is probably well overdue 😦

First thing is to work out how many bearings are required and what types they are, thankfully it was well documented online and the bearings are actually the same ones used in skateboards, which makes it easy to source.

Next thing to do is to rope in the little helper 😉

Fixing bikes is easy

I like helping dad, now what did he say, “lefty loosy”

I am now thinking about buying a bearing press, it would have made getting the bearings out a lot easier, plus there would be less chance of messing things up, thankfully they all pressed out without any hiccups by using an assortment of sockets and threaded rod 😉

nice and clean again

All ready for re-assembly

This is it all ready for reassembly, and for this I used an old bearing and a C-clamp 😉 Again, using a bearing press would make this process a lot easier.

Surprisingly, quite a few of the bearings were seized, probably due to some water getting in behind the seals.

Not too bad for an afternoons work