how many bikes do you need

Mike and I have discussed this a few times in the past.

I had kind of thought two would be enough, mountain bike for weekend fun and then a commuter that I ride all year round to the station and back.

But I have been thinking about getting a road bike for a while now, to add a bit of variety to the weekend fun.  Mike is convinced that there is a formula for it and it is “n+1”, you will always need one more bike than you own, sounds good to me…

… that is until last week when I was walking over Blackfriars bridge in London, a guy had stopped on a “Surly Pugsley”, it is one of the most amazing bikes I had ever seen, I did not have a clue what it was called, but it was a good looking machine.  Then a couple of days later I found a post by All Seasons Cyclist who owns one, and I have to admit they are just amazing

and my formula currently stands at “n+2” 😉