first ride 2013

After three weeks of no cycling filled with a bad dose of flu and an even worse case of sinusitis, I was a bit apprehensive to go cycling with Mike.

He had a 20 mile route planned, with quite a bit of road sections to it, due to a lot of rain and everything being muddy.

It is strange packing for cycling again after a break, I kept feeling that I am forgetting something, but couldn’t place it (it was the energy bars grrrrr…., and I needed them). Also first time out with my re-built Candy Acid pedals after the bearings had seized.

Anyway we set off in a slight drizzle and after about half an hour I felt my sinuses clear, after two weeks of headaches, what a wonderful feeling… I should have done this sooner.

An hour and a half into the ride it quickly becomes clear that Mike’s solo outings are paying huge dividends.  The man is like a machine, we start off together at the bottom of the steep sections and he just disappears into the distance, by the time I arrive at the top, huffing and puffing, he looks like he’s not even broken a sweat, as if he’s just about to start out.  I think I have my work cut out for me now 😥

The route took in  “Barry Knows Best”, always fun, especially when there are no others on it at the time, and was supposed to take in Water Lane (one of my favourite training hills), which they had re-surfaced, but we missed that one this time, due to coming up onto Newlands Corner too early.  I was relieved, since I don’t think my legs had it in them to get up Water Lane, even after one of Mike’s energy bars…

Brief stats about the ride

Mikes Winter 20 miler

Mikes Winter 20 miler

Also really happy that the pedals worked without a hitch – better than buying a new set 😉