the curse of the second mobile

Got on the train this morning and as we pulled off you could hear someones music playing.

Man they’ve got to be deaf, if not now, they soon will be…

Eventually commuter A gets up and asks whoever’s music it is to “please turn it down!”

All she gets is a few blank stares – then “c’mon it’s got to be someone’s!”.

“it could be coming from someone’s bag” replies commuter B, reaching for his bag and searching fruitlessly around in it.

“Well it’s not mine, I’m listening to ?????” replies commuter A while reaching for her bag.

“OH NO!!!!, it is coming from my bag” came the mortified reply

“sorry everyone!” she yells as she turns her second mobile (cellphone) off

I look around to a sea of smiling faces.

Thanks for the chuckle 😉