day two – part two

just some more pics

Mike’s new Canyon Nerve XC mountain bike, seemed to cope with all the abuse hurled at it this past weekend

mikes new pony

Lucas putting air into his tyres, hard when three people keep making him laugh. Tube had a fairly large snakebite puncture.
fixing snakebites

The weather just kept getting better.


day two

Big breakfast. Waiting for Brendon and the rest to arrive.

Only a drizzle this morning which should clear up. Going to do Skyline today – 44km and roughly 2000 m of ascent – looking forward to it.

James sitting on Kermit under natures umbrella while we work out how to get to Skyline

trying to stay dry

Things are beginning to look brighter

brightening up

Um… This way… No… That way…


Quite barren in places, due to some disease that’s killing off the trees, huge areas are being cut down, a real shame


Home made energy bar pit stop, made by my lovely wife, she foud some great recipes on NoMeatAthlete. Not sure if Nick was enjoying the bean ones 🙂

energy bars R great