one year ago today

I can’t believe it, today is exactly a year ago that we started the Craft Transalp 2011 challenge. Time really has flown.

Below are a few pictures that were taken during the 8 day event.  As far as I can tell all the photos were taken by sportograf

Little did we know what lay ahead and at this point we were just hoping that our training was enough.  This is us setting off to the tune of “Highway to hell” by AcDc (which we did every morning – surely they could have come up with something better for days two to eight, but no!!!)

Oh and I am the one with the hairy legs – there was no way I was going to shave them 😉

The beginning

This is us at the end of day one crossing over the finish line, Nick had blown up his rear hub about 18 km from the end and we had a mix of me pushing him, Nick running with his bike, and me pushing his bike up hills and Nick running.  Needless to say we made it with just over half an hour to spare.  Talk about a close call.

day one

Weerberg – stunning.


mile upon mile of beautiful single track

with equally stunning – fast flowing – downhill sections

there is always someone to have a chuckle and share a story with

probably the coldest I have ever been, we were totally unprepared for the weather.  I think it was about two degrees at the summit without taking into account the wind chill.

The photographers had set up their cameras in some interesting locations.  Speaking with one of them on one of the days, he was getting around by bicycle.  If I remember correctly he said that his bike weighed about 11kg and his camera bag that he was taking around weighed 15kg.  Talk about being top heavy.


yep, we rode up that

the finish line, I was shattered

crossing over the finish line was a relief, I don’t think the reality had set in until a few days later.  We were spoilt with unbelievable weather nearly every day, I met some fantastic people and I hadn’t spoken that much Afrikaans in many years.

Would I do it again?

That’s a tough question.

Do the challenge – absolutely!

Commit to that level of training, with all that time away from home, wife and children – very difficult to answer!

Never say never 😉 I do believe there are other challenges to be had and time will tell.  So Nick how about doing The Great Divide?