start them young

This picture of my youngest was taken on the weekend. A friend of ours had lent us a balance bike, but she never wanted to use it “because it doesn’t have pedals, I want a bike with pedals”

happy bunny

So take out “old faithful” and add some training wheels and you end up with one happy bunny!!!


1898 and counting

Well I’ve finally done it. After months of searching for it I have bought another bicycle frame. I’ve been wanting to replace my commuter rigid steel frame bicycle with a lightweight hard tail aluminium frame.

There have been times when I have taken my commuter off road and each time, I’ve come back and felt like the flesh had been shaken off of the bones of my arms, I think I now understand the term “boneshaker” 😉

I am now the proud owner of a Marin Hawk Hill lightweight frame coming in at 1898 grams.

Not the lightest, but a LOT lighter than my old steel frame. All I need for it is – everything!!!

Marin Hawk Hill

So there is going to be some fun over the next few months as I put together some pieces to get this on the road, or rather off-road.